Broward Traffic Brainstorming Session Pushes Mass Transit, Penny Tax To Pay For It

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The key to solving traffic gridlock, officials say, is mass transit and a penny tax to help pay for it.

That was the takeaway from a brainstorming session held Monday by Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper and members of the county’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. The session, designed to solicit public input, drew more than 40 participants.

 The region’s traffic congestion can’t be solved through traffic signalization alone, county planners said. And because Broward County is already so developed, widening roadways and adding lanes isn’t an option.

“We need to fit more people on the roads,” said Scott Brunner, director of Broward’s Traffic Engineering Division. “That’s really where mass transit comes in. And we need to start planning now. We have to think of something totally different to get people on these right of ways.”

Some residents think the region’s traffic problems would be solved if officials would stop approving more development projects, Cooper said.

“That is not realistic,” she said. “Property owners have property rights.

“As the county grows and traffic becomes more congested, we are going to need more buses to keep up with that growth,” Walton said.

State, county and local officials will have to work together to solve the chaos on the roads, Hallandale Commissioner Keith London said.

“We’re literally the southeast tip of the whole county” and can’t do this alone, London said. “We’re all sitting at this table and trying to work collaboratively. People want to see improvement, even if it’s incremental.”


Source: SunSentinel

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