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11.14.17, No comments

In the midst of makeovers, downtown Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton are becoming more dense and walkable. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

How Can Office Space Have A Competitive Advantage?

11.07.17, No comments

First, there was serviced office space. Next, there was virtual office space. Now, coworking is turning heads. CLICK ON THE HEADLNE FOR MORE

As Some Rebel Against Shared-Space Offices, Experts Mull The Ideal Office Layout

10.24.17, No comments

Experts say there is a shift toward designing more flexible work environments that marry the need for spontaneous collaboration with the fact that peo ...

Why This Year Could Be A Turning Point For Suburban Office

10.17.17, No comments

With rents rising in urban centers and millennials moving to the suburbs, market experts are beginning to see a trend of U.S. companies flocking fr ...